1. Unit 1 4 items
    1. Communication skills for nursing practice - Catherine McCabe, Fiona Timmins 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book  Read chapter 3: Effective Communication

    2. Breaking bad news: issues relating to nursing practice - Clare Warnock 15/07/2014

      Article  Nursing Practice, Vol. 28, issue 45, July 2014. Super article looking at breaking bad news as not just a one-off episode of communication. Well worth reading. Danuta

    3. Effective communication - McCabe, C. and Timmins, F.

      Chapter  Module: N3615 (Scanned Extract)

    4. Oxford textbook of palliative nursing 2015

      Book  Read pp 81-109: Dahlin, C and Wittenberg, E - Communication in palliative care: an essential competency for nurses.

  2. Unit 2 5 items
    1. The therapeutic relationship - Kirby, C.

      Chapter  Scanned Extract (Module: N3615)

    2. Self-awareness - Rungapadiachy, D. M.

      Chapter  Scanned Extract (Module: N3615)

    3. Talking with families and children about the death of a parent - Lloyd-Williams, M. and Ellis, J.

      Chapter  Scanned Extract (Module: N3615)

    4. Nurse as therapeutic agent - Stein-Parbury, J.

      Chapter  Scanned Extract (Module: N3615)

  3. Unit 3/4 0 items
  4. Unit 5 4 items
    1. Ethics - Larcher, V. and Carnevale, F.

      Chapter  Scanned Extract (Module: N3615)

    2. Critical analytical thinking - Cottrell, S.

      Chapter  Scanned Extract (Module: N3615)

  5. Responding to questions about the end of life - Pettifer, A.

    Chapter  Module: N3615 (Scanned Extract)

  6. Communication with the patient and family - LeBlanc, T.W. and Tulsky, A.

    Chapter  Scanned Extract (Module: N3615)

  7. Communication between professionals - Abrahm, J.L., Moment, A., Thomas, D. and Fitzgerald, K.

    Chapter  Scanned Extract (Module: N3615)

  8. Fundamental aspects of palliative care nursing: an evidence-based handbook for student nurses - Robert Becker 2010

    Book  Read chapter 7 : Communicating with Care and Compassion

  9. Handbook of palliative care - Christina Faull, Sharon de Caestecker, Alex Nicholson, Fraser Black 2012

    Book  Read pp 65-80 : de Caestecker, S - Communication Skills in Palliative Care

  10. Palliative Care - Christina Faull, Kerry Blankley 2015 (electronic resource)

    Book  Read chapter 2 : Palliative care assessment, communication and challenging situations.

  11. Denial and communication - Linda Sheahan and David W. Kissane

    Chapter  Module: N3615 (Scanned Extract)

  12. Communication in the last days or hours of life - Anita Roberts

    Chapter  Module: N3615 (Scanned Extract)

  13. Getting unstuck - Bernard Moss

    Chapter  Module: N3615 (Scanned Extract)

  14. Naming death - Kathryn Mannix

    Chapter  Module: N3615 (Scanned Extract) This is a chapter from a book by a UK Palliative Care physician who is also trained in cognitive behaviour therapy

  15. Patient perceptions of helpful communication in the context of advanced cancer - Kelli I Stajduhar, Sally E Thorne, Liza McGuinness, Charmaine Kim-Sing 04/09/2009

    Article  Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2010, vol. 19, pp. 2039-2047

  16. Communication and palliative care nursing - Elaine Stevens

    Chapter  Module: N3615 (Scanned Extract)

  17. The role of self-awareness in developing therapeutic communication skills

    Chapter  Chapter 10: The role of self-awareness in developing therapeutic communication skills. pp. 195-222

  18. Communication - making connections - Kathryn Boog

    Chapter  Module: N3615 (Scanned Extract)

  19. A pattern language of compassion in intensive care and palliative care contexts - A. L. Roze des Ordons, L. MacIsaac, J. Everson, J. Hui 12/2019


  20. Working as a multidisciplinary team - Turner, J.

    Chapter  Chapter 21: Working as a multidisciplinary team. pp. 245-257