1. Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences - Jacob Cohen 1988


  2. Research methods and data analysis for psychology - Stuart Wilson, Rory MacLean 2011

    Book Essential

  3. Research methods and statistics in psychology - Hugh Coolican 2014

    Book Background

  4. Research with people: theory, plans and practicals - Nigel Holt, Ian Walker 2009

    Book Recommended

  5. SPSS survival manual: a step by step guide to data analysis using IBM SPSS - Julie Pallant 2013

    Book Recommended

  6. Extract - Coolican, H.

    Chapter Essential Module: X3049 (Scanned Extract)

  7. Body image, visual working memory and visual mental imagery - Stephen Darling, Clare Uytman, Richard J. Allen, Jelena Havelka 17/02/2015

    Article Recommended

  8. A power primer. - Jacob Cohen 1992

    Article Recommended

  9. Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences - Cohen, Jacob 1988

    Book Background

  10. Using Bayes to get the most out of non-significant results - Zoltan Dienes 29/07/2014

    Article Recommended Contains link to a Bayes Factor calculator

  11. Replication, replication, replication - Stuart J. Ritchie, Richard Wiseman, Christopher C. French