1. Weekly study materials 8 items
    1. Why is changing health-related behaviour so difficult? - Michael P. Kelly, Mary Barker 07/2016


    2. Psychology of Physical Activity : Determinants, Well-Being and Interventions, 3rd Edition - Stuart J. H. Biddle, , Nanette Mutrie, , and Trish Gorely 2015

      Book  core text focussed on psychology of physical activity.

    3. Person-centred communication: theory, skills and practice - Renate Motschnig-Pitrik, Ladislav Nykl 2014 (electronic resource)


  2. Articles related to case studies 49 items
    We will add articles here if we think they may be of interest
    1. Resources relating to health, social and community services 2 items
      1. RSPH | The Healthy Lives Photography Commission

        Webpage Essential The Healthy Lives Photography Commission In February 2018, photographer Matt Writtle was commissioned by RSPH and The Health Foundation to produce a series of images that would illustrate the social, economic and environmental factors that influence the public’s health, from money and employment to housing and community networks. The aim of the commission was to build public and political understanding of just how much of what makes us healthy sits outside of healthcare, and the inequality caused by the unequal distribution of these factors. Ultimately, it aims to stimulate debate and action on these issues in order to create health and wellbeing for all. The resulting series of 40 images, produced by Matt over the course of two months in his home town of Chesham, follows a number of individuals and groups through their daily lives in an attempt to throw these health-influencing factors into relief. Explore the images through the seven photo sets and view the video.

      2. NHS Lothian

        Webpage  This is the official website of NHS Lothian. AHPs working in Lothian area could guide their patients to this website first as there are many information about various medical conditions in lay terms for everyone to easily understand. In this site there are links to NHS services which include a comprehensive range of primary, community-base and acute hospital services.

    2. Resources relating to mental health and depression 7 items
      1. See Me | End Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination

        Website  See me is Scotland’s programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. They are funded by Scottish government and Comic relief and are managed by SAMH and Mental Health Foundation.

      2. Action on Depression - Mental Health Support | Elament

        Webpage  Self-help groups, online CBT-based courses, online chats, providing support, raising awareness of depression and the treatment options available.

      3. Scotland | Mental Health Foundation

        Webpage  UK’s mental health charity body. They provide ground-breaking evidence and practice informed programmes. They offer straightforward information and tools for everyone, also authoritative reports and evidence and they influence policy makers.

      4. Anxiety and Depression Support Groups

        Webpage  The Depression and Anxiety Support Group is a friendly user-led support group and it's open to any adults affected by depression, low mood, stress or anxiety. It offers the opportunity for confidential local support, contact with others in a similar situation and the opportunity to explore positive ways of coping with depression.

      5. Breathing Space is a free confidential service for people in Scotland. Open up when you're feeling down - phone 0800 83 85 87

        Website  Breathing Space was launched in 2002 to address serious concerns about the mental wellbeing of people in Scotland. The service became a national phoneline in 2004. Breathing Space complements the work of other phonelines and agencies which are endeavouring to reduce suicide rates in Scotland. The advisors come from a range of mental health, counselling and social work backgrounds. There is an equal ratio of male to female advisors, who may be part-time or full-time. Breathing Space is not a volunteer service.

    3. Resources relating to Addiction 12 items
      1. Addiction Helpline

        Webpage  Addiction helpline, it offers free, confidential advice to those who are affected by addiction, either directly or indirectly available 24hours a day.


        Webpage  Midlothian and East Lothian drugs and alcohol partnership. They work with any adult affected by a loved one's substance misuse. This support includes a one to one counselling approach, drugs education, complimentary therapies and stress management and a group work programme that takes place across Mid and East Lothian.

      3. Addaction

        Website  Addaction. A specialist drug and alcohol treatment charity. Services include family support and services for young people.

      4. Phoenix Futures

        Website  Phoenix Futures. Provide a range of services in Scotland including a residential detoxification and rehabilitation programme, alcohol and drug day programmes, individual and group support programmes. They also provide a comprehensive range of interventions across the Scottish Prison Service estate.

      5. Home - Know the Score

        Website  Know the Score. Website provides information and advice about drugs and the associated health risks.

      6. Crew 2000 – Mind altering

        Website  Crew. Provides information about psychostimulant drugs (particularly NPS – legal highs) and the dangers of using them including harm reduction information so people can make informed choices.

      7. Substance misuse | Turning Point Scotland

        Webpage  Turning Point Scotland. Manages substance use services ranging from residential units to community-based services. Also provides services for substance users in the criminal justice system.

      8. Scottish Recovery Consortium | Home

        Website  Scottish recovery consortium. Coordinates action across Scotland to promote the recovery of individuals, family members and communities from drug problems and addiction

      9. Home - SDF - Scottish Drugs Forum

        Website  Scottish Drugs Forum. Improves the quality, range and effectiveness of service and policy responses to problematic drug use in Scotland, works to reduce future and recurring problematic drug use, and promotes and sustains recovery from drug problems.

      10. Solvent abuse advice and support - Re-Solv: UK's solvent abuse charity

        Website  A helpline and email for anyone whose life is affected by volatile substance abuse.

      11. Release | Drugs, The Law & Human Rights

        Website  Provides free and confidential advice about drugs and drugs law to the public and professionals. Service includes a helpline.

      12. Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs | Support for Yourself and Your Loved One

        Website  Scottish families affected by alcohol and drugs. SFAD is the hub of a network of support groups across Scotland. SFAD provides support to family members and friends who have been affected by the substance use of a relative or loved one. We help raise awareness of issues affecting them as well as providing information, help and support through a wide variety of resources. They also offer bereavement support services.

    4. Resources related to homelessness 9 items
    5. Resources relating to Case Study: Adam 8 items
    6. Resources relating to Case Study: Darren 3 items
    7. Resources relating to Case Study: Hayyan 7 items
  3. Assessment-related resources 6 items
    1. Annotated bibliographies - guidance and examples 5 items
      1. Health and Human Rights: Annotated Bibliography

        Document Background This is an example and explores topics related to health equity

      2. Choices and Changes: Motivating Healthy Behavior Annotated bibliography

        Document Background This is an example of an annotated bibliography for reference. Is not current and also based in USA. You will need to find more current and local articles to relate to your case study.

  4. PAWS students - Sustainable physical activity 9 items
    1. Is there such a thing as sustainable physical activity? - H. B. Bjørnarå, M. K. Torstveit, T. H. Stea, E. Bere 03/2017


    2. Healthy and sustainable diet and physical activity: the rationale for and experiences from developing a combined summary score. - Bjørnarå HB; Department of Public Health, Sport and Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Agder, Norway.Torstveit MK; Department of Public Health, Sport and Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Agder, Norway.Bere E; Department of Public Health, Sport and Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Agder, Norway. 2018

      Article Recommended PAWS students- this paper provides support for a tool that you could use to measure healthy diet and physical activity scores of participants in your planned physical activity

    3. Home - greenspace scotland

      Website  greenspace scotland is a social enterprise and an independent charitable company. We work with a wide range of local and national partners to support the planning, development and sustainable management of greenspaces and green networks as a key part of the green infrastructure of our towns and cities.