1. Handbook of child language disorders 2017


  2. The SCERTS model: a comprehensive educational approach for children with autism spectrum disorders - Barry M. Prizant c2006


  3. General reading 1 item
  4. Developmental language disorder 8 items
    1. Handbook of child language disorders 2017


    2. Understanding developmental language disorders: From theory to practice - Courtenay Norbury, J. Bruce Tomblin, D. V. M. Bishop, MyiLibrary 2008 (electronic resource)


    3. Treatment of language disorders in children - Rebecca Joan McCauley, Marc E. Fey c2006


    4. Auditory processing and learning - Caroline Bowen and Pamela Snow

      Chapter  Module: SM068 (Scanned Extract)

  5. Developmental literacy disorders 8 items
    1. Handbook of child language disorders - Richard G. Schwartz 2009 (electronic resource)


    2. Dyslexia: A Practitioner's Handbook - Gavin Reid 2009 (electronic resource)


    3. Dyslexia - Gavin Reid 2007 (electronic resource)


    4. Dyslexia in children: New research - Christopher B. Hayes 2006


    5. Dyslexia, speech and language: A practitioner's handbook - Margaret J. Snowling, Joy Stackhouse 2006 (electronic resource)


    6. Dyslexia in children: new developments - John B. Letterman 2006


    7. Dyslexia - Margaret J. Snowling 2000


  6. Social Communication Disorders 23 items

    2. Pragmatic Disorders - Louise Cummings 2014 (electronic resource)


    3. Introductory linguistics for speech and language therapy practice - Jan McAllister, J. E. Miller 2013

      Book  For PG Dip 2 please read chapter 11 and 12 and complete exercises apart from the ones that use clinical resources


    5. Practitioner review: the assessment of language pragmatics. - Catherine Adams

      Article Essential This is an important and influential article. Please read carefully

    6. Social (pragmatic) communication disorders and autism spectrum disorder: Table 1 - Gillian Baird, Courtenay Frazier Norbury 08/2016

      Article Essential Essential for SM068. Interesting for S2188.

    7. Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder and Its Relation to the Autism Spectrum: Dilemmas Arising From the DSM-5 Classification - Yael Brukner-Wertman, Nathaniel Laor, Ofer Golan 2016-8

      Article Background This is an interesting article for all but not required.

    8. Ten questions about terminology for children with unexplained language problems - D. V. M. Bishop 07/2014

      Article Background This is an interesting and thought provoking articles. It is not essential but adds further information about the challenges and benefits of using diagnostic terms.

    9. LECTURE 3

    10. Research in Clinical Pragmatics 2017

      Book Essential Please read chapter 19

    11. Facilitation and teaching - Andersen-Wood, L. and Smith, B.R.

      Chapter Recommended Module: S2188/SM068 (Scanned Extract)

    12. Social Communication Intervention for School-Age Children: Rationale and Description - Catherine Adams 08/2005

      Article Recommended Interesting for S2188 and SM068. It gives more details of the intervention.

    13. Measuring the Diagnostic Features of Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder: An Exploratory Study - Haiying Yuan, Christine Dollaghan 03/05/2018

      Article Background This is not required but it highlights the challenges with assessment.

    14. LECTURE 4

    15. DSM-5 Criteria | Autism Speaks

      Webpage Essential S2188/SM068 Please take some time to read over and understand this criteria

    16. NICE guideline Autism spectrum disorder in adults:

      Document Essential S2188/SM068 Read section 1.1 and 1.2

    17. Researching the autism spectrum: contemporary perspectives - Ilona Roth, Payam Rezaie 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential S2188/SM068 This is a long and complex chapter, you don’t have to read it all please just look for definitions and description of: • Central Coherence • Executive Functioning • Theory of Mind

    18. LECTURE 5 2 items
      1. National Autism Plan for Children

        Document Essential Read p35, Section 5 and appendices

      2. Research Autism

        Webpage Essential Please look at the range of interventions available and consider their reported effectiveness

    19. LECTURE 6 1 item
      1. SIGN Guidelines 145 Assessment and Management of Autism Spectrum Disoder

        Document Essential SM068/S2188 As communicated in the lecture consider the case provided and decide on 1 or interventions that may be appropriate for the child. SM068 Be able to comment on the evidence base.

    20. LECTURE 7 1 item
      1. SIGN Guidelines 145 Assessment and Management of Autism Spectrum Disoder

        Document Essential SM068/S2188 Consider the prognostic indicators for ASD in childhood as outlined in section 4.6 of the SIGN guidelines. What does the research tell us about prognostic indicators for ASD? SM068- From the papers cited find out the meaning of optimal outcome in relation to this topic.

  7. Lecture 8 and beyond (still to be organised) 14 items
    1. Cognitive theories of autism - Gnanathusharan Rajendran, Peter Mitchell 2007


    2. The complete guide to Asperger's syndrome - Tony Attwood 2006


    3. Autism in the early years: a practical guide - Val Cumine, Julia Dunlop, Gill Stevenson, MyiLibrary 2010 (electronic resource)


    4. Handbook of child language disorders - Richard G. Schwartz 2009 (electronic resource)


  8. Scans 1 item