1. Reflexivity and reflection 11 items
    These resources might be of interest as you develop further experience and familiarity with undertaking personal reflection and more expansive reflexive perspectives.
    1. “What Do You Think We Should Do?” - Michelle L. Elliot 07/2015

      Article Recommended

    2. Critical reflexivity in client-centred therapeutic relationships - Lisa McCorquodale, Elizabeth Anne Kinsella 04/07/2015

      Article Recommended

    3. Critical reflection in practice: generating knowledge for care - Gary Rolfe, Melanie Jasper, Dawn Freshwater 2011


    4. Practising reflexivity in health and welfare: making knowledge - Carolyn Taylor, Susan White 2000


    5. Reflexivity in therapeutic practice - Fran Hedges 2010


  2. Dementia 3 items
    You are encouraged to review these materials in advance of the session with Fiona Maclean.
  3. Community and citizenship 13 items
    These are resources that extend beyond the traditional individual assessment - intervention approaches to consider community and what occupation means in relation to citizenship.
    1. Reports

      Website Essential This link takes you to the repository for reports produced by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, providing different perspectives on key issues related to poverty, housing and homelessness.

    2. Participatory citizenship: Critical perspectives on client-centred occupational therapy - Hetty Fransen, Nick Pollard, Sarah Kantartzis, Inés Viana-Moldes 04/07/2015

      Article Recommended

    3. The occupation of accessing healthcare and processes of (dis)citizenship in UK Somali migrants: Sheffield case study - Nick Pollard, Sarah Kantartzis, Mubarak Musa Ismail, Hetty Fransen-Jaïbi 04/03/2018

      Article Recommended

    4. Developing occupation-centered programs for the community - Linda S. Fazio c2008


    5. Occupational therapies without borders: Vol. 2: towards an ecology of occupation-based practices - Frank Kronenberg, Nick Pollard, Dikaios Sakellariou 2011


    6. Occupational science: society, inclusion, participation - Gail Whiteford, Clare Hocking 2012


    7. Extract - Putnam, Robert D.


  4. Multiple & critical perspectives on occupation 19 items
    Developing the ability to become a critical consumer of knowledge and engaging with practices and processes critically and from multiple perspectives is a life-long learning professional development skill.
    1. Critical Ethnographic Analysis of “Doing Good” on Short-Term International Immersion Experiences - Michelle L. Elliot 09/2015

      Article Essential This article acknowledges the levels of partnership working that influence what/how opportunities for 'doing' are created.

    2. In the shadow of occupation: Racism, shame and grief - Lindsey Nicholls, Michelle L. Elliot 10/10/2018

      Article Essential This article introduces multiple perspectives in relation to analysis - how do new 'truths' become revealed when a different 'gaze' is applied.

    3. Silences around occupations framed as unhealthy, illegal, and deviant - Niki C. Kiepek, Brenda Beagan, Debbie Laliberte Rudman, Shanon Phelan 27/07/2018

      Article Recommended

    4. Introducing a Critical Analysis of the Figured World of Occupation - Niki Kiepek, Shanon K. Phelan, Lilian Magalhães 02/10/2014

      Article Background This article also uses 'figured world' but it is an entirely different conceptualisation. Therefore highlights the importance of theoretical clarity when framing ideas and arguments.

    5. Toward the reconceptualization of the relationship between occupation and health and well-being - Katherine E. Stewart, Tess M. Fischer, Rehana Hirji, Jane A. Davis 10/2016

      Article Recommended Also listed in O3153.

    6. The dark side of occupation: A concept for consideration - Rebecca Twinley 08/2013

      Article Recommended This was cited in O3153 as well.

    7. Response to Re: The dark side of occupation: A concept for consideration - Rebecca Twinley 12/2013

      Article  This is an editorial response to Twinley's original work. It highlights the discourse that can emerge between authors and readers.

    8. How should we define health? - M. Huber, J. A. Knottnerus, L. Green, H. v. d. Horst 26/07/2011

      Article Recommended Referred to in O3153

    9. Occupational therapy and complexity: defining and describing practice - Duncan Pentland, Sarah Kantartzis, Maria Giatsi Clausen, Kristi Witemyre 2018


    10. Occupational justice in everyday occupational therapy practice - Bailliard, A. L. and Aldrich, R. M.

      Chapter  Module: O3149 (Scanned Extract)

  5. Promoting health 8 items
    These texts reflect different perspectives around 'promoting,' considering or conceptualising health.
    1. Creating capabilities: the human development approach - Martha Craven Nussbaum 2013


    2. Occupational therapy in the promotion of health and wellness - Marjorie E. Scaffa, S. Maggie Reitz, Michael Pizzi c2010


    3. The sociology of health and illness - Sarah Nettleton 2013


  6. Paediatrics 2 items
    1. Occupational therapy for children - Jane Case-Smith, Jane Clifford O'Brien c2010

      Book Recommended Chapter 2 - Foundation for OT Practice with Children Chapter 3 - Development of Childhood Occupations