1. Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology Revision 1 item
    1. Neuromotor Control of Speech - Wanda G. Webb

      Chapter Essential Please read chapter 6 of this book as part of your revision on the neurology related to speech motor control.

  2. Motor speech disorder - lecture 1 2 items
    1. Motor speech disorders: substrates, differential diagnosis, and management - Joseph R. Duffy 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Please read chapter 2

  3. Motor speech disorder - Dysarthria subtypes and speech characteristics 2 items
  4. Motor Speech Disorders - Dysarthria Assessment 3 items
    1. Application of the ICF in Reduced Speech Intelligibility in Dysarthria - Allyson Dykstra, Mark Hakel, Scott Adams 11/2007

      Article Background

  5. Motor Speech Disorders: dysarthria management 7 items
    1. Motor speech disorders: diagnosis and treatment - Donald B. Freed 2020

      Book Essential

    2. Intelligibility as a linear combination of dimensions in dysarthric speech - Marc S. De Bodt, Maria E. Hernández-Dı́az Huici, Paul H. Van De Heyning 2002-5

      Article Essential This paper discusses how different dimensions of deviant speech might impact on speech intelligibility

    3. Evidence for effectiveness of treatment of loudness, rate, or prosody in dysarthria: a systematic review - Kathryn M.. Yorkston, Mark Hakel, David R. Beukelman, Susan Fager 2007

      Article Recommended ***This article is only available in print in the LRC***

  6. Apraxia of Speech 3 items
    1. Motor speech disorders: diagnosis and treatment - Donald B. Freed 2020

      Book Essential Ch 11

  7. Apraxia of Speech: Management 6 items
    1. The effectiveness of Speech–Music Therapy for Aphasia (SMTA) in five speakers with Apraxia of Speech and aphasia - Joost Hurkmans, Roel Jonkers, Madeleen de Bruijn, Anne M. Boonstra 03/08/2015

      Article  Music-based approach

    2. Melodic Intonation Therapy: Present Controversies and Future Opportunities - Ineke van der Meulen, Mieke E. van de Sandt-Koenderman, Gerard M. Ribbers 01/2012

      Article  Music-based approach

    3. Singing as therapy for apraxia of speech and aphasia: Report of a case - Robert L. Keith, Arnold E. Aronson 1975-1

      Article  Music-based approach

    4. Influence of order of stimulus presentation on speech motor learning: A principled approach to treatment for apraxia of speech - Taresa R. Knock, Kirrie J. Ballard, Donald A. Robin, Richard A. Schmidt 05/2000

      Article  Tactile-kinaesthetic approach & Ultrasound visual feedback approach

    5. Effects of PROMPT therapy on speech motor function in a person with aphasia and apraxia of speech - Arpita Bose, Paula A. Square, Ralf Schlosser, Pascal van Lieshout 08/2001

      Article  Tactile-kinaesthetic approach

    6. Ultrasound visual feedback for acquired apraxia of speech: A case report - Jonathan L. Preston, Marion Leaman 04/03/2014

      Article  Ultrasound visual feedback approach