1. Psychology of physical activity: determinants, well-being and interventions - Stuart J. H. Biddle, Nanette Mutrie, Trish Gorely 2015 (electronic resource)

    Book Essential please read Chapter on motivation and adherence for class in Week 21. You will need to have an understanding of the theories in this chapter for writing up your learning from placement.

  2. Communication skills: adherence and motivation - Leslie Stenger

    Chapter Essential Module: D1174 (Scanned Extract) Read before you go out to your exercise classes with Fit for health.

  3. Development 2 items
    1. Skills for success: personal development and employability - Stella Cottrell 2015

      Book Essential Read chapter on motivation and adherence for week 21. available as ebook online

    2. Palgrave Study Skills: Skills for Success (Personal Development and Employability)

      Webpage Essential Questionnaires to download and complete for your assignment.

  4. Learning from reflection 6 items
    1. Chapter 7 Enhancing the skills of students through the use of reflective practice in a physical activity and health curriculum - Zoe Knowles, , David Gilbourne, , Brendan Cropley, , and Lindsey Dugdill 2014

      Chapter Essential Read and make reference to this text in your final reflective essay for D1174.

    2. Reflective practice in the sport and exercise sciences: contemporary issues - Zoe Knowles, David Gilbourne, Brendan Cropley, Lindsey Dugdill 2014


  5. The complete guide to personal training - Morc Coulson 2013


  6. Communicating in the health sciences - Joy Higgs, Rola Ajjawi, Lindy McAllister, Franziska Trede 2012


  7. BJ Fogg's Behavior Model

    Website Recommended link from Chapter 7 Biddle et al.

  8. Theories of communication - Rola Ajjawi and Charlotte Rees

    Chapter  Module: D1174 (Scanned Extract)

  9. Communication in the health sciences - Joy Higgs, Lindy McAllister and Ann Sefton

    Chapter  Module: D1174 (Scanned Extract)

  10. Communication and duty of care - Franziska Trede, Elizabeth Ellis and Sue Jones

    Chapter  Module: D1174 (Scanned Extract)