1. Core Textbooks 4 items
    1. Beginning reflective practice - Melanie Jasper 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    2. Digital Mammography: A Holistic Approach 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Chapter 33 (Stereotactic Image Guided Interventional Techniques) will be relevant but other chapters may also be of interest throughout this book.

  2. Pathology 2 items
    1. ABC of breast diseases - J. M. Dixon 2012 (electronic resource)


    2. Teaching atlas of mammography - Ls̀zl̤ Tab̀r, Peter B. Dean, Tibor Tot 2012 (electronic resource)


  3. Further reading that may be of interest 3 items
    1. Differentiating vacuum-assisted breast biopsy from core needle biopsy: Is it necessary? - Satoko Nakano, Yoshimi Imawari, Akemi Mibu, Masahiko Otsuka 12/2018

      Article Recommended