1. Topic 1: curriculum theory 26 items
    1. The curriculum? That’s just a unit outline, isn’t it? - Sharon P. Fraser, Agnes M. Bosanquet 06/2006

      Article  should be read in conjunction with the welcome video and will inform the first discussion

    2. essential reading 17 items
      1. Course and learning design and evaluation - Warren, D.

        Chapter Essential Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

      2. Introduction to the curriculum ideologies - Schiro, M.S.

        Chapter Essential Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

      3. Curriculum as praxis - Grundy, S.

        Chapter Essential Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

      4. Curriculum theory and practice - Hughes, S.J. and Quinn, F.M.

        Chapter Essential Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

      5. Flexible Pedagogies: technology-enhanced learning


      6. Recommended reading 9 items
        you are not expected to read them all, just dip in and out- I have highlighted key sections in some
        1. Subjective and social reconstruction - Pinar, W.F.

          Chapter Recommended Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

        2. An overview of the process of curriculum development - Uys, L.R. and Gwele, N.S.

          Chapter  Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

        3. Curriculum development and evaluation in nursing - Sarah B. Keating 2011 (electronic resource)

          Book Recommended Section 2 p47-86 although nursing context some useful generalisations

        4. Engaging the curriculum in higher education - Ronald Barnett, Kelly Coate c2005 (electronic resource)

          Book Recommended

        5. Medical education: developing a curriculum for practice - Della Fish, Colin Coles 2005 (electronic resource)

          Book Recommended

        6. The nature of academic knowledge - Lea, J.

          Chapter Recommended Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

        7. Facilitating holistic curriculum development - Daniel F. Shapiro

          Article  Module: NM031 (scanned extract)

        8. What is curriculum theory? - William Pinar 2012 (electronic resource)

          Book Recommended

    3. background reading 8 items
      1. Person-centred practice in nursing and health care: theory and practice 2016 (electronic resource)

        Book Background check out the chapter on Person centred curriculum

      2. Making a curriculum work - Beattie, A.

        Chapter Background Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

      3. Curriculum as process and development - Kelly, A.V.

        Chapter  Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

      4. The demise of the curriculum - Quinn, F.M.

        Chapter  Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

      5. Facilitating holistic curriculum development - Daniel F. Shapiro

        Article Recommended

      6. Threshold Concepts in Practice - Healey M et al.

        Book Background Interesting background reading about threshold concepts, and the stages of transformative learning

      7. ReEnvisioning Higher Education : Embodied Pathways to Wisdom and Social Transformation - Jing Lin, , Rebecca L. Oxford, , and Edward J. Brantmeier 2013

        Book  Interesting chapter on self and embodiment

  2. Topic 2: Inclusive curriculum 14 items
    1. Essential reading 14 items
      1. Chapman v 2007, Learning for all

        Webpage Essential read page 62-71 and one or two of the case studies

      2. HEA report on inclusive curriculum 2011 - Morgan,H.; Houghton, A.M.

        Document Essential read pages 7-16

      3. Developing the Global Student: Higher education in an era of globalization - David Killick 2014 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential chapters 1 & 5

      4. Educational Inequalities: Difference and Diversity in Schools and Higher Education - Kalwant Bhopal, Uvanney Maylor 2013 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential all interesting but part 3 useful for contextualising curricula

      5. Applying Universal Design for Learning in Online Courses: - Dell et al. 2015

        Article Essential some tips for application of accessible learning resources for all

      6. Recommended reading 8 items
        1. A Journey of Critical Consciousness: An Educational Strategy for Health Care Leaders - Beverley A Getzlaf, Margaret Osborne

          Article  Module: NM031 (scanned extract)

        2. Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching: a guide for faculty - Alison Cook-Sather, Catherine Bovill, Peter Felten 2014

          Book Essential

        3. Citizenship education and the curriculum - David Scott, Helen Lawson 2002 (electronic resource)

          Book Recommended

        4. Your tutor is your friend: using experiential learning to enhance second year transition - Kathleen MacDonald, Caroline E. Gibson 23/09/2011

          Article Recommended article about student retention and transition, which refers to Chickering's model of identity

        5. Person-centred nursing education - O'Donnell, D., Cook, N. and Black, P.

          Chapter Background Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

  3. Topic 3 Essential reading 5 items
    1. Reconceptualising evaluation in higher education: the practice turn - Murray Saunders, Paul Trowler, Veronica Bamber 2011 (electronic resource)


    2. Conclusion - Whiteside, T.

      Chapter Recommended Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract) linked to evaluation of curriculum

    3. Evaluation and the politics of educational research - Cohen, L., Manion, L. and Morrison, K.

      Chapter  Module: NM031 (Scanned Extract)

    4. International Journal for Academic Development; - Bamber, VeronicaAnderson, Sally 2012

      Journal Essential

  4. Topic 4 curriculum building 5 items
    1. Bloom’s Taxonomy | Center for Teaching | Vanderbilt University

      Webpage Essential please refer to this to assist you with writing appropriate Learning Outcomes for your curriculum